Trimming and pruning are two landscaping terms that are often used interchangeably. However, there are some important differences to note. Trimming is done on plants and hedges more for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, pruning is performed on larger trees and shrubs to promote their overall health.

Learn more about why your plant may need our trimming or pruning services in Muscle Shoals and surrounding areas below.

What do trimming services do for my landscape?

Trimming services allow your landscape to look its best. They primarily serve to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Learn more about how trimming services help your landscape below:

1. Trimming services let your plants thrive.

Trimming is great for removing excess leaves and branches. With this surplus material out of the way, your plants will have greater access to the water, sunlight, and nutrients they need to thrive.

2. Your landscape will look well-manicured with regular trimming.

By giving your hedges straight edges and cutting away overgrowth, your landscape will look well-manicured. This increases your curb appeal and raises your property value.

To keep your plants as healthy as possible, we recommend regular trimming. Our team will evaluate your landscape and determine a trimming schedule that works for your property.

How do pruning services benefit my landscape?

A neatly trimmed and pruned landscape in Muscle Shoals, AL.

Pruning is done to enhance your property's safety and the health of plants. Read on to see how pruning benefits your landscape:

3. Pruning services ward off disease.

As part of our pruning services, we cut away diseased, dead, and dying tree branches, leaves, and other plant components. Our landscapers ward off disease and pest infestation so your plants can thrive throughout the year.

With pruning, we never cut away too much of your trees or plants. Inexperienced landscapers will make poor cuts, which is damaging to your plants' long-term health.

4. Pruning allows fruits and flowers to bloom

Some plants need some assistance to reach their full blooming potential. Our pruning services accomplish the following for your flowering plants:

  • Control their shape and size
  • Remove diseased or dead parts
  • Optimize their blooms

Based on your landscape's plants, we will plan what times to perform our pruning services to give them the best possible chance at long-term growth.

5. Pruning promotes growth while keeping your property safe.

Uncontrolled growth can be a negative thing. Some species of trees and plants, without proper pruning, grow wildly. They can grow too close to your home or nearby power lines. Unchecked growth can result in a broken window or other structural damage.

Pruning will promote growth and remove injured branches, sagging limbs, and overgrown components that present safety damages to your property. With these unhealthy and invasive parts removed, your plants will be able to thrive safely.

Is your landscape in need of trimming or pruning services? Call our landscapers.

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