When you have a residential or commercial property in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and other areas in northern Alabama, you need to be informed about the best ways to maintain the exterior of that property. Large fields with lots of overgrown areas and lawns in front of your home do not need to be cut the same way. 

Lawn mowing is used for certain areas, while other larger areas may require a different technique referred to as bush hogging. Learn the difference between these two services and when you may need to request them for your property.

Bush Hogging Cuts Overgrown, Larger Areas of a Property

Bush hogging an open, overgrown field in Florence, AL.

Bush hogging is a common term for a service that can also be referred to as brush hogging, rough cut mowing, or rotary cutting, depending on the terms used. Bush Hog is actually a company that created rotary cutters, but their name has become common terminology for this task. Usually, bush hogging is done to clear overgrown large areas.

The machine cuts through thick weeds, grass, bushes, and more using a rotary cutter, where multiple cutting blades are attached to swing back and forth to cut. Rotary blades are also much thicker than a traditional mower blade so they aren't as likely to be damaged by flying rocks. These blades are not as sharp, either—they aren't designed to perform a precise trim. The point is to remove thick overgrowth so that other land clearing tasks can then be completed, or so the plant growth doesn't become completely unmanageable for the property owner.

Bush hogging is best performed by a professional, as they know how to work around any unforeseen hazards while operating the machine.

Lawn Mowing Creates a Polished & Finished Look to Maintain Curb Appeal

A freshly mowed yard with mowing lines in Florence, AL.

While bush hogging is done to simply clear large fields, lawn mowing is performed to create a polished and finished look. An overgrown lawn detracts from curb appeal, while a maintained lawn increases curb appeal. Using a lawnmower gives the operator a chance to be precise with their grass cutting, as these blades are much sharper to perform a refined cut.

Unlike the thick weeds in bush hogging, you never want to have grass blades torn from the ground. If that happens, it increases the chances of grass becoming weakened and susceptible to fungal diseases. In short, lawn mowing is a much more delicate process. Mowers are used to create patterns on athletic fields, to maintain lush green grass on golf courses, and to ensure residential lawns are being cut correctly.

Unsure if your property needs bush hogging, lawn mowing, or both? Contact us today.

At B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance, we provide both bush hogging and lawn mowing services to residential and commercial properties in northern Alabama areas such as Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and more. We have experience in both and know exactly when and where each service should be performed. Our team is standing by to consult with you on bush hogging or lawn mowing if you're unsure about your property. Give us a call today at (256) 762-6379 to set up an estimate on our services.