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How Mulch Benefits Your Florence, AL Landscape Beds

How Mulch Benefits Your Florence, AL Landscape Beds

Laying mulch down is often regarded as an optional finishing touch for your landscape beds. While it does look great, mulching also offers a variety of health benefits to your plants.

Here at B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance, we have experience with laying mulch for both residential and commercial landscapes. We provide mulch installation to properties in Florence, AL, and the surrounding communities of Muscle Shoals and Lexington. When done regularly, our clients can reap a lot of benefits from mulch installation. Check out a few of the key reasons why your landscape beds need mulch.

Mulch improves the appearance of your landscape beds.

One of the most apparent benefits that mulch offers is how it improves the appearance of your landscape beds. Mulch allows your beautiful plants and shrubs to be the primary visual focus. However, the right mulch will still complement your landscape's overall look.

When planning your mulch installation, choose a mulch that suits your Florence landscape beds' shape and plant material. For example, shredded hardwood mulch creates a natural ambiance that works well in woodland settings. Darker-colored mulches will also work well, as they can provide a bold contrast to a garden's bright colors.

If you are unsure of what kind of mulch you want for your landscape beds, our professional mulch providers can help you land on a decision.

Grass and other groundcovers require extensive care.

Grass and other...

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