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Surfaces that You Can & Cannot Pressure Wash

Surfaces that You Can & Cannot Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is a very effective method of cleaning off outdoor surfaces, but it does need to be done with caution. Some surfaces are easily cleaned with high-powered water streams, while others may be too fragile for the process.

Check out what surfaces should and shouldn't be pressure washed at your property located in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and surrounding cities.

Surfaces You Shouldn't Ever Pressure Wash

Just because something sits outside of your home or business doesn't mean it can endure a pressure wash. Certain materials may be able to sit outside in the elements, but power washing can end up breaking them or destroying them. Surfaces that shouldn't be pressure washed include:

  • Painted items: Pressure washing can remove the paint completely from anything such as wood or concrete. If these items do need to be washed, it's best to let a trained professional do so as they know proper techniques for removing the stains and not disturbing the paint.
  • Sandstone: While it is stone, sandstone is not able to handle pressure washing. The high-powered stream can actually create grooves on the surface which will damage it.
  • Older items: Any older items such as decks, furniture, and even wood buildings can sustain damage during pressure washing. If rot has set in, the process could end up destroying the entire item.
  • Stained wood: The pressure washing process can remove stain from your wood, which...
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3 Reasons Your Property Needs Routine Pressure Washing

3 Reasons Your Property Needs Routine Pressure Washing

Along with lawn maintenance and other tasks, another part of your property that needs upkeep are your driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. Debris and dirt pile up on these, and sweeping them just isn't enough cleaning power to remove all the buildup.

To fully remove the debris and dirt, you'll need to pressure wash, or power wash, these surfaces. There are many reasons to use professional power washing services for your home or business in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and the nearby areas of northern Alabama.

Pressure Washing Maintains Your Overall Property Value

Maintenance worker pressure washing a private home walkway in Florence, AL.

Investing in a property, if you want to maintain its overall value, requires some routine maintenance tasks to ensure its value doesn't go down. Without regular pressure washing, your sidewalks and driveways can begin to crack as the accumulated dirt and debris weaken them. Cracked hardscapes will not boost your property value. Instead, they'll lower the value and you may find yourself having to pay to replace them if they get too badly cracked.

This is definitely important if you own a business. Routine pressure washing can ensure your driveways, entryways, sidewalks, and more look pristine and welcoming to new customers. Remember, the first thing your customer will see is the outside of your building. If it looks sloppy and unkempt, they may not have the best impression of your business and its operations.

Pressure Washing Removes Mold, Mildew, &...

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