The start of autumn means winter weather isn’t far behind. Cold and freezing temperatures can have a devastating effect on grass and plant life—when cold weather sets in and ice forms, grass blades and plants become stiff and easily breakable. The best way to beat the winter months is to prepare your lawn in the fall. Preparing your lawn for winter can include such services as mulch installation, landscape trimming, and debris and leaf removal, and there are several reasons why this is important.

Here are some reasons why fall lawn cleanups in northern Alabama and surrounding areas, including Florence, Muscle Shoals, and Lexington, are imperative in preparation for winter.

Weakened grass and landscape plants can be damaged by cold weather.

Leafy plants evaporate water back into the atmosphere through their leaves. In order to retain water during the winter months, plants and trees shed their leaves in the fall, which leads to organic lawn buildup. In a yard covered in sticks and leaves, grass becomes weakened and is more susceptible to the damaging effects of winter weather. Weakened lawns are also not as capable of fighting off insect infestations or lawn diseases. The best way to prepare your lawn for winter is to strengthen it in the fall before it’s too late.

Nutrient-rich grass is more sustainable during winter.

So, we know that accumulated yard debris weakens the grass and makes it more vulnerable to cold weather—but why is that? Excess debris covering your lawn makes it more difficult for nutrients, such as light, air, and water, to reach the grass underneath. This lack of nutrients weakens the grass and other plant life, putting it at risk for severe damage come winter. Removing fallen leaves and sticks allows grass to absorb these critical nutrients which will lead to an overall stronger and healthier lawn.

Removing this seasonal debris in the fall is crucial to strengthen your lawn so that it can withstand the upcoming winter weather.

Organic lawn debris is a breeding ground for insects.

The lack of sunlight due to organic lawn debris causes moisture accumulation, both of which are attractive to insects and other pests. Additionally, insects can lay their eggs under this clutter, which will dramatically increase your risk for infestation. The best way to mitigate this risk is to work with a yard cleanup company to remove this debris in the fall so that your lawn goes into winter looking pristine and healthy.

Get on our schedule today so we can help you get your lawn ready before winter arrives!

At B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance, we strive to keep your lawn free and clean of debris and clutter. Our fall cleanup services include landscape trimming, mulch installation, and debris/leaf blowing and removal. We perform leaf removal services at least twice during the fall season—the first visit consists of hauling away any fallen leaves, while the second is to remove any remaining leafage just before winter sets in. Our fall cleanups are available to residential and commercial properties throughout northern Alabama, including Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and more.

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