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Landscape Maintenance in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, AL & Surrounding Areas

Our landscape maintenance services keep your property in optimal health and looking its best all year round.

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Complete landscape maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and nearby areas.

We provide everything your landscape needs to remain strong and healthy with trimming and pruning, mulching, and weeding.

In order to stay strong and healthy, your landscape requires regular and proper maintenance throughout the year. At B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance, we provide routine trimming and pruning, as well as mulch installation and landscape bed weeding, to keep your property looking fantastic and in optimal health.

Our landscape maintenance services are available for homeowners and businesses in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, and the surrounding areas of AL.

Our Full-Service Maintenance Package for Convenient Landscape Care

Walkway landscape maintenance and plant bed in Florence.

In addition to our individual services, we also offer our landscaping services as part of a full-service maintenance package. We offer our comprehensive packages during the mowing season and provide everything for one monthly price. Our landscape maintenance services can be purchased as a-la-carte items or together as part of our all-inclusive annual price.

With our landscape maintenance packages, we provide everything our normal individualized services provide with the addition of landscape bed weeding and three to four plant trimmings a year. Weeds can destroy your landscape, which is why we encourage our clients to invest in our maintenance packages that keep weeds out of your gardens and provide your plants with everything they need to grow healthy and strong.

Services Included in Our Landscape Maintenance Package

Our landscape maintenance package ensures your landscaping will look great all year long. The services we include are:

  • Mulch installation: With proper mulch installation, our landscape company provides protection against weed growth and soil erosion. Our landscape contractors use various types of mulch, including organic mulch, natural mulch, brown mulch, black mulch, and red mulch. It's recommended to replenish mulch annually.
  • Plant trimming and pruning: Our trimming and pruning is available for plants, shrubs, bushes, and small trees. Pruning is done for overall plant health while trimming is performed to maintain the shape of the plant. We typically prune in winter or early spring.
  • Landscape bed weeding: We regularly remove weeds when we see them from your landscape beds. Allowing weeds to grow in your landscape will affect the health of your plants, as weeds will take away much-needed nutrients and resources.
  • Planting bed reshaping: Throughout the year, grass may start to overtake the edges of your planting or landscape beds. We will reshape those beds by edging them and reinforcing their boundaries so they have a sharp, nice-looking appearance.

Call us today for all your landscape maintenance needs.

At B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance, we have the experience and equipment needed to keep your landscape healthy and looking exquisite all year long. If you’re near Florence, Muscle Shoals, or Lexington, call us today at (256) 762-6379 to get set up with our landscape maintenance services.

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