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Mulch Installation in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Lexington, AL & Surrounding Areas

Our mulch installers help eliminate soil erosion and prevent weeds from growing.

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Mulch installation services for properties in and around Florence, Muscle Shoals, and Lexington, AL. 

We install mulch and replenish it once a year to maintain the appearance of your landscape beds. 

Installing mulch in Muscle Shoals, AL.

Mulch is well-known for the visual benefits that it brings to your landscape. Red mulch works great in landscapes with warm tones and golds, while black mulch works well if you have a lot of green foliage in your landscape.

However, the advantages of mulch go far beyond aesthetics. Fresh mulch is incredibly effective at reducing soil erosion and curbing weed growth. We perform initial mulch installation for properties of all sizes, and we replenish it once a year to maintain the appearance of your landscape beds. 

Here at B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance, we strive to bring the benefits of mulch to residential and commercial properties in Lexington, Muscle Shoals, and Florence, AL. Check out everything you need to know about our mulch installation services below. 

Mulch Enhances the Appearance of Your Landscape

Mulch is a great finishing touch for a new landscape or one that hasn't been properly maintained. With mulch, you can fill in empty areas and give your landscape beds a more unified look.

Our mulch installers take care of replenishing your mulch once a year. Other than that, you don't have to worry about performing any maintenance. 

Mulch is a great alternative to groundcovers and other landscape bed fillers that require extensive care. 

When you opt for our professional mulch installation services, you have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to choosing the kind that will best enhance the appearance of your landscape. The most common types of mulch we offer are:

  • Organic mulch
  • Natural mulch
  • Brown mulch
  • Black mulch
  • Red mulch (will be installed upon your request)

If you're unsure of which type of mulch will best fit in with your property's exterior, our team will evaluate your softscape and the exterior of your home or business to help you reach a decision. 

Other Benefits of Mulch Installation Include Weed Protection & Moisture Retention

Aside from the more apparent visual benefits that mulch installation offers, you can also expect a variety of functional advantages. Mulch:

  • Curbs weed growth: Mulch acts as an effective barrier to weeds. It limits the amount of sunlight that can reach weeds. This way, weeds won't be able to compete with the growth of your yard's softscape.
  • Retains moisture: Mulch covers your landscape beds' soil and limits evaporation. This can save you a lot of money when it comes to watering your plants, especially in the hotter months. 
  • Preserves your soil's nutrients: If you're using organic mulch, essential nutrients will be released directly in your soil and create a good environment for your yard's softscape. 
  • Prevents soil erosion: Mulch does a good job of keeping your landscape beds intact and preventing rainwater from washing away your soil. 

Are you interested in replenishing your landscape beds with mulch? Call our professional mulch installation company today. 

If you are interested in replenishing your landscape beds with mulch, our professional mulch installation company can help. Don't miss out on all of the aesthetic and functional benefits that mulch offers. Call us today at (256) 762-6379 for professional mulch installation for homes and businesses in Lexington, Muscle Shoals, and Florence, AL. 

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